Vinacafe Instant Vietnamese Coffee with Milk - 3 in 1 – The Original Taste


Short description

  • Real Vietnamese coffee, with milk, hot or iced, it’s a
  • Highest quality go-to Instant Coffee.
  • Long-lasting, single sachets keep each serving fresh, so you can enjoy cup after cup just as good as the first one.
  • Enjoyable, satisfying, convenient, and tasty. Everything you need for a slightly sweetened milky coffee all in one. Just add hot water.
  • The well-sealed sachets can be kept in your bag or briefcase for when you are on the move and in need of refreshment.
  • Can be given as a meaningful gift.



About this item

How to use

Product information


About this item

  • Brand: VinaCafé (Vietnam)
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Product type: Instant coffee with milk
  • Amount of sugar: Equivalent to 1 tsp
  • Packaging: Contains single-serving sachets
  • Total weight: 480g
  • Amount: 24 sachets
  • Per sachet: 20g

How to use

For hot cup: Empty 1 sachet of Vinacafe Gold Original instant coffee into a cup or mug, then pour 70 -75 ml of hot water. Stir well and enjoy.

For the cold drink: Empty 2 sachets of Vinacafe Gold Original instant coffee into a cup or mug, then add 80 ml of hot water and finally ice to cool the drink. Stir well and enjoy.

You can customize the amount of water (or the amount of coffee) according to your preference.

Product information

For more than 45 years, VinaCafé has been committed to providing the highest quality original coffee flavor with the secret of 100% seed recipe for a true cup of flavorsome coffee.

vinacafe instant coffee

Having found the most popular taste, they have kept this original taste for the past 21 years. Vinacafe Gold Original’s reputation has entered the hearts of millions of Vietnamese instant coffee lovers with a balance and harmony of 5 characteristic flavors: java, bitter, mild, sweet, aromatic, and a bit of dairy milk.

The main ingredient is 100% from quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, processed under a modern and closed production line to produce coffee with a rich, harmonious taste for you to enjoy every day.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from chemicals and products with strong odors.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Additional information

Weight 480 g


Made in


Product type

Instant coffee with milk, and sugar.

Amount of sugar

Yes (Equivalent to 1 tsp)


Contains single-serving sachets

Total weight


Per sachet



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