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Phu Quoc Island – the Alluring paradise of tourism after the pandemic

Phu Quoc Island is not as well known as Hawaii, Phukhet or Bali… But following the trend of tourism and the development of the infrastructure in Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is now not only a favorite destination for Vietnamese holiday makers, but also a tourist destination for foreign visitors looking for a little piece of paradise. As the pandemic begins to look like it is under control in some countries, many countries are trying to reopen their borders to tourists.
Vietnam is one of the countries that prevented the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic well, so we say Phu Quoc Island would be a great place for a post-pandemic “toe in the water” and as ever you will most definitely receive a warm welcome to Vietnam.
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Why Phu Quoc island ?

Emeral Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is the largest of 22 islands in Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang with a total area of 589.23 km², located in the Gulf of Thailand. Due to such geographical location, nature bestows this pearl island (aka Phu Quoc island) with a tropical climate year-round. You can travel to Phu Quoc throughout the year, but the best time is from October to April. And in this way if you choose to visit the mainland too, the weather is much better throughout Vietnam between these months.
Phu Quoc Island has a population of nearly 150,000 people (in 2019) so the population density of the island is 254 people / km². With such an area and population density, Phu Quoc island district – Kien Giang province meets the human resources for tourism exploitation. Duong Dong, formerly a crowded town, invested in road infrastructure and is increasingly expanding and upgrading the area. At the same time, accommodation facilities such as hotels, homestays, motels range from affordable budget accommodation to 5-star quality hotels across the island such as Intercontenetal Phu Quoc, JW Mariott Phu Quoc, Mango Bay …
Vinpearland Phu quoc Island

Theme parks and entertainment complex areas are also available such as Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Entertainment Complex, Vinpearl Safari, with the world’s longest and safest cable car nearly 8 km in Hon Thom island.
Phu Quoc Island and adjacent islands with 99 large and small mountains of the national park is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Phu Quoc island offers a variety of types of tours to suit all types of travellers, from 4-Island Tours, divinge expeditions to see the beautiful corals, cable car journey’s across the island for those who prefer a leisurely tour, or cycling or trekking to explore the primeval forest.
Emeral Phu Quoc Island with it’s 17th century history has experienced many ups and downs in Vietnamese history. Especially with the development of Cao Dai religion – a combining religion. Buddhism and Catholicism also developed according to history and varying population. If your interests are in history, culture and religion there are some must sees in Phu Quoc too, historical and religious relics such as Dinh Cau Temple, Sung Hung Pagoda, Duong Dong Caodaism Temple, Cay Dua Prison used during the Vietnam War, … (Limited to travel with international visitors).  
Bai Vong - Phu Quoc Island
There are many elements of island: mountains, histories and monuments create an attraction for many investors and sustainable tourism development.
Accommodating the trends of domestic tourists, there are many modes of transportation to the island, making it easy to get to and offering easy connections from place to place, such as flying from Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh city, taking a Hydrofoil speedboat to Rach Gia and Can Tho, or one of the many high capacity ferries from Ha Tien.

How to visit Phu quoc island

How to visit Phu quoc island & other places

Under the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, Vietnam has been very successful in preventing the spread of the virus in Vietnam and restricting travel from other countries. Due to the sudden increase in Vietnamese holiday makers taking a break, Phu Quoc Island and Kien Giang especially has become a top destination because of the charm of the landscapes, as well as the development of various types of services. Not only can you travel to Phu Quoc, you can also travel to neighboring provinces of the Mekong Delta.
+ Fly to Phu Quoc: you should enlist online booking air tickets or contact airline ticket agents. At present, fares to Phu Quoc Kien Giang can be found with many incentives from Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airways. Round-trip flights to Phu Quoc depart from: Can Tho, Rach Gia, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hai Phong.
+ High-speed hydrofoils to Phu Quoc island: Previously, high-speed trains to Phu Quoc were very limited and in terms of stations , but currently high-speed trains are both cheap and therefore a popular way to travel. Good choices are Tau SuperDong and Phu Quoc Express. The journey to the pearl island is not only to Rach Gia but also now to Can Tho, Ca Mau, Ha Tien. Especially in Ha Tien you can bring cars and motorcycles by Binh An ferry-highway (Thanh Thoi), which gives you more cost savings in being able to independently move around the island during your vacation.
Hydrofoil to Phu Quoc Island
+ You can combine the modes of travel to have an interesting and enjoyable journey. For example, you fly from Hanoi to Phu Quoc, then take Phu Quoc train to Can Tho, finally fly to Hanoi in Can Tho or visit the surrounding areas.
Have you ever been to Phu Quoc Kien island? If yes, what travel experiences do you have that you could share with us? Please do send us your comments, we value all travellers opinions.

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