An easy way to make the most Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are one of the most memorable dishes of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. In many Asian countries, spring rolls are quite popular, but Vietnamese spring rolls are the most tasty (trust me!) and the best and so easy to make, so let’s see how!

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Vietnamese spring rolls

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

Deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls

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Vietnamese spring rolls


Vietnamese spring rolls are basically as a snack dish, you can eat with your fingers, that uses rice papers, to encapsulate vegetables, meat, seafood … and these can then be dipped in a variety of sauces according to your taste …cooked-fish sauce, hoisin, chilli sauce, fish-paste (this one has a strong smell, so recommended mainly for local people).

There are 2 types of Vietnamese spring rolls: fresh spring rolls (soft in texture) and deep-fried spring rolls (crispy).

Vietnamese spring rolls have rich ingredients and can be produced in a variety of ways. They are fully nutritious, and especially for people who do not like to eat vegetables, as the many flavours and dipping sauces make them hard to stop eating!.

If you are a vegetarian, you can also prepare delicious spring rolls with just cucumber, tomato, Vietnamese mint, tofu, mushrooms, avocado…

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls are called “GỎI CUỐN” in Vietnamese. Fresh spring rolls are a very quick wrap & roll. However, all ingredients need to be prepared and cooked before rolling.

Ingredients: You can use cooked and sliced beef, pork, fish, shrimp, and/or seafood. Your basic vegetables for all spring rolls include: lettuce, herbs, basil, perilla, chives,  and bean sprouts.

Step 1. Take a rice paper sheet and dip it in a bowl of warm water quickly, or you can use the lettuce leaves to wet the rice paper.

One trick is to cut a rice paper sheet in half, and place it on top of the whole rice paper. This helps shape fresh spring rolls and makes it easier to roll.

Ok, so Step 2. Put the shrimp, meat, and fried eggs in the middle of the rice paper spread into a long line (Length about 8-10cm. You can use your index finger as the measure). Then sprinkle on some coriander and fresh rice vermicelli.

Step 3. Fold over the rice paper and roll as tightly as you can. An average medium sized fresh Vietnamese spring roll will be the width of 2 fingers.

You’re rolls are ready to eat!!

Vietnamese spring rolls

If you want to make your own sauces (you can also buy them in bottles!) then here’s how…

Dipping Sauces:

If you use fish sauce, just mince fresh garlic, chillies, sugar, with a little warm water. Mix until salty sweet, and add a dash of lemon juice. Finely slice carrot as a topping.

Even easier … you can use hoisin, sprinkled on roasted crushed peanuts or roasted sesame seeds.

So there you have two delicious dipping sauces for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls.

Fresh spring rolls can vary according to the locality, and the ingredients you have. You can use cooked mushrooms, tofu, bbq’d meats … The important thing is that ingredients are cooked, and served immediately for everyone to eat.

Deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls

Deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls are produced differently, but are still easy to create just like the fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. The ingredients do not need to be cooked beforehand.

Ingredients: Pork, beef, fish and shrimp need to be minced. The carrot, potato spills, taro, cat ear mushroom must be cut into fine fibers. This ingredient must be dry and not wet.

You can use the rice papers as outlined above, ie wet them, fill and roll) but you should also look for a special rice paper for the fried spring rolls, which is the net rice paper, as this helps them cook evenly and crispy.

Step 1. Spread out the ingredients with a spoon, about 5 -6 cm long (measured with your thumb) and roll tightly. Gently rub a layer of cooking oil over the outside, so that the spring rolls do not stick together.

Step 2. Heat enough cooking oil to cover the rolls on a medium heat. Fry carefully to avoid burning the outer shell before the ingredients inside are cooked.

Note: You will want some oil absorbent paper to place the rolsl on when cooked. Just fry the right amount of spring rolls that you want to eat now. The rest, you can store for 1-2 days in the refrigerator, and longer in the freezer.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Since the spring rolls are seasoned before eating, you just need to eat them with fish sauce or make garlic, lemon chilli, or chilli sauce.

In large supermarkets, spring rolls are often available ready made. You just need to bring them back and fry them hot, the quality is delicious too.

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