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How to set up a travel blog with WordPress 2020

How to set up a travel blog? Recently, I received a lot of comments on how I created the website: And today I decided to write a few articles about creating websites and the experiences of someone who is completely ignorant about computers and codes. If I can do it, you definitely can too, and I’ll share the information on how to as I can! The site is not just about travel or blogging, but you can also use it for business, or to make money online (MMO). Let’s get started!  
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How to set up a website: P1

Build it with your interests and strengths

Obviously, you need to use your hobbies and strengths to develop the content and products you want to share. For example, I am an inbound guide from the South of Vietnam, so the main content of my site is tourism and culture in Vietnam. If you are a pet lover, you can build on your own experiences, using photos, videos to cater to the content that your site targets, perhaps pet care tips, pet therapy, homemade pet food etc.  
If you focus on things you have experience in and especially your interests and strengths, it will also inspire you to write more understandable and specific content. If you sell a product or service, you must be someone who understands the features, advantages and disadvantages, creating trust for your customers. This is a very important step in “how to set up” your own website.

How to set up a website: domain

Choose your valuable domain name

After you have focused on the product and content to create a website. The next step is for you to choose for yourself a domain name that is suitable for .com, .net, .info or by country .uk, .au, .. The most popular is .com. Your domain name must be neat, easy to remember and should not contain special characters such as: -, &, *:
+ Domain names ending in .com, .net are very popular and popular.
+ Domain names ending in .info, .edu for information and education websites.
+ .Blog, .me domain names are often used as personal blogs, free & clean, quite basic.
You can check your domain name with the Hosting that you are about to install, or Google the domain name you want to check to make sure it is not already in use. In cases where has been taken, you can use the extension .net, .info, .UK,..
So here they are in order of preference:
most popular first… (always preferred)
In recent years, domain names are not required to set SEO standards (search engine optimization), so you are free to exploit as many domain names as you want. To achieve the content-oriented SEO standard read on to the following topics about “how to set up your website”.

How to set up a travel website: WordPress

Choose a platform for writing websites

Simply, your domain name is like your home address so others can find it. So, the easier it is to remember the easier people will find your site. And one of the most important parts in “how to set up” your website, is your house building tool. Depending on your ability and time, or the purpose of creating the website, there are a few tools to build a website such as:
+ Blogger – You will probably recognize this old website setup tool, but google does not focus on Blogger so it is quite outdated and difficult to keep up with modern design.
+ Medium: A fairly common tool for writing enthusiasts, but you do not have much right to change or adapt the interface of your website.
+ Wix: is a building tool that is going up in popularity very fast, professionally, and yet it is not rich in plugins supporting users to customize thier websites.
+ And finally the best and most popular tool belongs to, you should buy the domain name and hire hosting to be able to customize the website professionally, and install many plugins to support the construction. This website is very beautiful and follows the SEO standards.

How to set up a travel website: hosting

Select your right web-hosting

Continuing the example of the domain as your home address, you always build the strongest structures starting from the bottom up. So, “how to set up” the most successful website, I recommend WordPress for the foundations, to build the house interface, web-hosting is the land for you to place the house on. Web-hosting is basically an online service that helps your site display images and documents to bring your website to the vast internet world. Depending on the needs of large and small websites there are the following forms: SHARED HOSTING (recommended), VPS (Virtual Private Server), Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server.
Here, I would like to share details on a few shared hosting you can refer to such as: BlueHost, Godaddy, Hawk Host, Host Gator, SiteGround, …
How to set up a website; hosting
Tips: You should note that some hosting will offer 1 year free domain name, and if you choose this hosting they offer you a free SSL certificate. Because you have just started building your website, this is recommended to reduce unnecessary expenses.    
In short, you are interested in “how to set up a website”, give yourself time to research about domain, hosting and construction tools thoroughly. In the beginning, you may encounter difficulties, because we are not natural technologists. But when you master the basics, running a website for yourself, and then selling, or making money online is completely possible and building your website correctly will mean you’re successful too. It’s what is known in the Western World as giving yourself a fighting chance! Fighting!

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