As per the reports, a new academic paper has argued that the famous Incan site Machu Picchu has been known by the wrong name since its rediscovery more than a century ago.

A recent discovery suggests that the famous ancient Incan site of Machu Picchu may have been misnamed for more than a 100 years since it was first visited in 1911 by US explorer Hiram Bingham.

As per the reports, a new academic paper has argued that the spot has been known by the wrong name since its rediscovery more than a century ago.

This archaeological site has been closely studied for decades, and has remained a popular tourist spot for just as long.

Referring to its name, a US archaeologist and a Peruvian historian have argued that the UNESCO World Heritage Site was known as Huayna Picchu or simply Picchu by its Inca inhabitants.

Reports have it that archaeologist Brian S Bauer from the University of Illinois Chicago and historian Donato Amado Gonzales from the Ministry of Culture of Peru (Cusco) after analysing Bingham’s original field notes from 110 years ago, land documents form different archives, early 20th century maps of the region, have argued that not much is yet known about the site than what was previously thought.

In their paper, published by
Ñawpa Pacha: Journal of Andean Archaeology, they stated that not even a single source referred to the site as Machu Picchu.

They informed that there is significant data which suggest that the Inca city actually was called Picchu or more likely, Huayna Picchu.

The researchers further while scouring maps, archives, and documents, they found a 1904 atlas, which was published seven years before Bingham first arrived in Peru, where also the site is called Huayna Picchu.

As per their findings, the site was named after the closest rocky summit and not Machu Picchu, which is the name of the highest mountain near the city.

And reportedly, the original name of the site has come up more than once throughout history, including accounts written by Spaniards in the late 16th century and in a 1904 atlas.

  1. Who built Machu Picchu?
    Machu Picchu is believed to have been built by Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, the ninth ruler of the Inca, in the mid-1400s.
  2. Why is Machu Picchu called the Lost City?
    It is also called the ‘lost city’ because the Spanish never discovered the city when they conquered the Inca in the 1500s.
  3. Why is Machu Picchu a no fly zone?
    To preserve the site and keep tourism sustainable, there is a no-fly zone above Machu Picchu,

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