[1/2 Hour]💥 The Yamantaka Vajrabhairava Mantra: Wrathful Manifestation Of Manjushri 🙏

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The Yamantaka Vajrabhairava Mantra: Wrathful Manifestation Of Manjushri
🙏 Who is Yamantaka ?

Yamāntaka (Sanskrit: यमान्तक) or Vajrabhairava is the “Destroyer Of Death” deity of Vajrayana Buddhism. Sometimes he is conceptualized as “conqueror of the lord of death”. Of the several deities in the Buddhist pantheon named ‘Yamāntaka’, the most well known, also called as ‘Vajrabhairava’ belongs to the Anuttarayoga Tantra class of deities popular within the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.
There are three very popular forms of Yamantaka, all of which have a main “buffalo head” with Manjushri head on top (on the crown) except for Black Yamari and Red Yamari, who have no buffalo head:
• Vajrabhairava with 9 heads, 34 arms, 16 legs: this form can appear in any of three mandalas: solitary (single-deity), 49-deity mandala and 13-deity mandala
• Vajrabhairava with 6 heads, 6 arms, 6 legs (found in the Kalachakra text).
• Vajrabhairava with 4 heads, 8 arms, 4 legs.

In Tibetan Buddhism, There are eight primary Dharmapala such as Palden Lhamo, Kalarupa, Mahakala, Vaishravana, Begste, Hayagriva, Yamantaka, Yama.

💥 The Yamantaka Vajrabhairava Mantra: Wrathful Manifestation Of Manjushri mantra in this video

Om Yamantaka Hum Phet Om Hrih Shrih Vir Tri Ta Na Na Hum Phet Svaha
Om Yamantaka Hum Phat Om Hrih Shrih Vikrtanana Hum Phat Svaha
The main feature of Yamantaka practice is “overcoming the obstacles” or “defeating the maras.” How does Yamantaka overcome the four Maras.
*** “Mara”, meaning the destroyer or tempter” was the demonic ‘evil one’ who attempted to obstruct Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree…
The mara of death: by understanding, with the clear-light mind, emptiness, you come close to experiencing death, without dying. As you understand the illusory nature of reality, and the reason for our suffering, you come closer to escaping samsara.
The mara of disturbing emotions: anger to fight anger, wrath to fight wrath, using the psychology of wrathful deities to suppress the mara of disturbing emotions.
The mara of aggregates: Once we learn how to transform the clear light of death into the Wisdom of Emptiness, the aggregates of samsara can no longer affect us.
The mara of the sons of gods: With the Wisdom of Emptiness we overcome doubt and incorrect views.

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